What drives people to have an affair

Cheating is seemingly the worst thing a partner can do to a relationship and one of the most well-known ways to end it. But not every situation is the same. 

Some of these illicit ties last only a short time, while others go on for a longer time. If one cheats and has sex with Houston escorts, the partnership can end, but not always. There are reasons why these different results come about and how an affair might hurt a relationship. 

It Is Not Just For Sex 

Most of the time, when people are looking for solutions, they try to figure out what’s missing in the relationship, especially sexually. But this kind of blame game is too simple and leaves out a lot of what is really going on. 

In fact, a recent study found that only half of the people who cheated on their partners said they had sex with someone else in the bedroom. Certainly, sex is a part of the picture, but if sex isn’t the only reason people cheat, then what makes them do it?

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Reasons Why People Cheat 

Researchers asked respondents who admitted to infidelity the question why they cheated. The study showed that there were different reasons, and surprisingly, most had nothing to do with sex.

Many said they cheated because they were angry, did not love their partner, did not feel committed, had no high self-esteem, were in a bad situation, or were ignored. 

How Long The Affairs Last 

The length of affairs depended on why people cheated. The affair was longer when people cheated because they were angry, didn’t love their partner, or wanted something different. When people cheat because of the situation, such as being out of town togetherr, the affair is shorter. 

On average, women’s relationships lasted longer than men’s. When people felt closer to their illicit partner, their affairs lasted longer and made them feel better.

Emotional Connection 

Those who said they had a less emotional connection in their main relationship were closer to their affair partner. People got closer emotionally with affair partners because they didn’t feel loved in their main relationship. 

In the same way, people found affairs more intellectually and emotionally satisfactory when they were caused by a lack of love and much less so when a situation caused them.

How An Affair Hurts The Relationship 

The end of the relationship was partly determined by why people leave. When cheating was caused by anger, lack of love, lack of commitment, or neglect, the affair hurt the relationship more. 

When the situation caused cheating, it didn’t hurt the relationship as much. Even though having better and more frequent sex with the affair partner was not the primary reason for ending the main relationship, it was still a factor.

In Conclusion

Overall, these results show that cheating is more complicated than just looking for sex. Cheating seems to be caused by two things in particular which are the situation and a broken relationship, with the latter often leading to the partner having more serious and emotionally connected affairs.